It is a Cosmetic Procedure that can help you get fuller and plumper lip the most commonly used method for Lip Augmentation these days, is injectable dermal filler that can be injected in your lips.

There are certain Risks in Lip Augmentation. These risks can be greatly reduced, however, by choosing an experienced surgeon to perform your lip implant procedure. The main benefit of permanent lip augmentation is implied in the name: this method provides longer-lasting results than temporary fillers, which are eventually absorbed into the body.

Now that you know that hyaluronic acid is the best filler for your lips, you’re probably wondering which hyaluronic filler to choose. Our two favorite hyaluronic fillers for lip enhancement are Juvederm and Restylane. One of the biggest differences between Juvederm and Restylane is texture.

Some of the first widely used lip augmentation substances were:

  • Autologen, an injectable dermalmaterial made from the patient’s own skin. No risk of allergy exists but the results are very temporary because the body quickly absorbs the material.
  • Collagen requires an allergy test because the material is extracted from bovine hides. It lasts anywhere from four weeks to three months because it is also absorbed into the body. However, the allergy test must be observed for four weeks.
  • Dermalogenis taken from the patient’s skin—and through a laboratory process—made into a high concentration collagen that can be injected into the lips. Some studies indicate it lasts somewhat longer than collagen.
  • Allodermis donor tissue taken from cadavers and then denatured, purified and treated to remove viable cells that could pass along disease. Under a local anesthesia, Alloderm is placed into the mucosa, or body, of the lips in small rolls to make them larger. Alloderm can also be placed into the vermilion, the pink area of the lip, to provide definition and a sharper border.
  • Radiance, a synthetic, laboratory produced solution containing calcium hydroxylapatite (bone) suspended in a gel that has been safely used in medicine for years. Some studies indicate Radiance can last between three and five years. One researcher (Tzikas) found in a study of Radiance on 90 patients that 59 percent felt when injected, moderate to severe pain which disappeared two to five minutes later. But the substance produced results for an average of two years with a few patients reporting the plumping effects being sustained as long as three to five years. Of the 90 patients, four required surgical intervention due to nodules in the lips.
  • Gore-Teximplants. In medical uses, Gore-Tex is known as EPTFE or expanded polytetrafluoroethylene and, commercially as Advanta, UltraSoft, and SoftForm. The EPTFE is delivered to surgeons in strips that are 1/16 inch (2.4 mm) and 3/16 (3.4 mm) diameter tubes.

Some of these new techniques and substances include.

  • Fat Surgeons harvest through liposuction or excision the patient’s fat from places on the body where it can be spared and either injected or surgically placed into the lips. Surgical applications usually require general anesthesia.
  • Restylane, a non-animal, clear gel that is reported to be very close to the hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 778,000 cases of Restylane injection in 2006, the most recent year for which statistics are available.  The substance usually lasts six months and, sometimes, longer. While Juvederm is extremely chemically close to Restylane; many surgeons report the former is slightly smoother to inject.
  • Artecoll. Both Artecoll and ArteFill are not used to inject the body of the lips because the substance is heavy and would show as white through the thin skin of the lips. Additionally, both products contain tiny microspheres known as PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) which remain in the face permanently. In cases where Artecoll has been used around the edges of the lips to remove fine lines and wrinkles, some patients have reported annoying nodules or small lumps. In a few cases, surgery was required to remove the Artecoll.
  • Lip plumper is a cosmetic product used to make lips appear fuller. These products work by irritating the skin of the lips with ingredients such as Capsaicin. This makes the lips swell slightly, temporarily creating the appearance of fuller lips.
  • Suction pumps, a special device for lips uses vacuum pumping to increase blood pressure in each lip and to pull them out a bit, making it quite an instrument to adjust proper lip length/value in a slow determinite step-by-step way.